Best Looks for Your Older Age

I’m jealous of my brother and sister. As I seem to fade into stereotypical “senior” looks, they don’t. You can’t miss either of them strolling down the sidewalk. They have managed to not become “invisible” like so many of the rest of us.

My brother is 66, about 6’ tall, skinny as a rail, with a Jesus beard and long flowing white-gray locks. Sandals and bell-bottom jeans are frequently in the picture. I double dare you to not look at him as you pass him by.

My 68-year-old sister dresses like the L.A. child she is, capris, tank top and sandals. But she sports not a drop of makeup on a never-been-“nipped or tucked” face.
Her straight pewter/white hair is long enough for her to sit on. One look and you know she’s her own woman — an original. There’s also an element of “thumb-in-your-eye” in her looks when you see her in youth-obsessed L.A.

What are our options?

If only I could become stunning by letting my hair grow long and grey. Never mind that I hate having long hair and it makes me look like a sheepdog. Is that the only choice?

Johnny Cash had old-age style. I saw him and his wife at a mall in Las Vegas when he and the Highway Men were playing there. His coal black hair was matched by black jeans, black t-shirt, black jacket and black cowboy boots. With his ivory white face, he looked like a shockingly aged movie vampire — still sexy, of course.

As you have no doubt guessed, I’m favoring “striking” looks over “attractive.” I’ve had days even recently where I looked “attractive,” and was still invisible.

I just spent a couple of hours looking at photos of seniors, trying to find some great examples for you of senior style. I’m going to add them to the bottom of this column so you can enjoy them.

But… a funny thing happened as I selected pictures. I wanted to go for flash and striking, and you’ll see some of them. But…  I discovered that the ones I liked the most didn’t have to be striking. A great smile was the most attractive “beauty secret” of all!

What do you think?


Dr. Marlene JensenAuthor bio
Marlene Jensen is a 70-year-old full-time marketing professor. Previously she was a VP at CBS and ABC and spent decades as an entrepreneur and pricing author/consultant. Sadly, none of these prepared her for the onslaught of marketers who now think her daily interests/needs consist solely of hearing aids, wheel chairs, adult diapers, medi-alert buttons, tons and tons of medications, and bath tubs you walk into.

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