Free college for seniors — Part 4 (States N – P)

Looking for a fun pastime that exercises your brain? Want to finally get a degree to one-up a relative or friend? Or set an example for your children?

Most states offer free college for seniors! Some even pick up the “fees.” Some states just offer reduced rates — you might complain to your state legislators about how bad your state looks compared to others. In Part 1, Arizona was the anti-senior cheapskate. In Part 2, it was Indiana. No cheapskates in Parts 3 or 4!

You typically cannot enroll in classes until the last minute because spaces for seniors are available only for classes that are not completely filled with paying customers.

Please note that if a PUBLIC college or community college near you does not show up in these listings, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t offer these programs. In fact, there’s a good chance they do. Call their admissions and find out!

Here are the details for Part 4 of this report — States starting with the letters N through P.

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Jen008_smallMarlene Jensen is a 71-year-old full-time marketing professor. Previously she was a VP at CBS and ABC and spent decades as an entrepreneur and pricing author/consultant. Sadly, none of these prepared her for the onslaught of marketers who now think her daily interests/needs consist solely of hearing aids, wheel chairs, adult diapers, medi-alert buttons, medications, and bath tubs you walk into.

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  1. Re: 11 Worst Retirement Mistakes report, your point is spot on about balancing out alone time, and not feeling like you must always have social contact. there are two good videos on that: 1) Ted Talk by Susan Cain “The Power of Introverts” and a short vid by Brainy Dose “People Who Like To Be Alone Have These 12 Special Personality Traits.”

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