Most helpful

Aging Alone (Ruth Alvarez) — if you’re going to read just one book about what to plan for in your senior years, this is the one I recommend. It’s essential if you do live alone, but also quite valuable for those who are not alone. I got it even though I didn’t think I’d learn much, if anything. I was surprised to find things I had never considered — and some great tips I plan to implement.


Seniors’ Rights (2nd Edition) (Brette McWhorter Sember, attny.) is a 2006 book, with some very inexpensive offers on amazon. My copy has 13 post-it tabs sticking out for material I wish to re-read. It’s good on finance and legal — despite its publication date, and has a good section on discrimination. Plus I had no clue that assisted suicide was a criminal act in only 46 U.S. states.



The Warmth of the Heart Prevents your Body from Rusting  (Marie de Hennezel) is a wry, amusing, and intelligent book by a French woman that gives you a look at aging in Europe — and what we can learn from other ways to live and support the independence of older people. It covers a wide variety of topics including fears, acceptance, sensuality, and dying — with a French attitude.