Feeling powerless? Get behind the wheel of an RV.

shutterstock_30555310One of the more annoying effects on your body of living longer is feeling more frail. Even worse, that feeling starts affecting your mind. Feeling frail leads to feelings of powerlessness.

What to do? Go for a test drive of a RV!

There’s a lot I like about owning a RV, but today I want to talk about what it does for your confidence. Especially if you’re a woman.  Continue reading “Feeling powerless? Get behind the wheel of an RV.”

Create a model train layout — for fun and for the challenge!

Before you retire, try to find at least one — preferably two — hobbies that you find both fun and challenging. After all, you can’t play golf more than 5 hours a day (which came as a big surprise to a couple of men I’ve known who thought that was all they’d need).


Let me introduce you to one of my favorite hobbies — model railroading. And, no — it’s not only for men(!) though I’d guess 95% of those in the hobby are men. It’s true I don’t share many of their interests — such as operating a train to pick up a load of coal and transport it. But I love creating the scenes. And the scenes are so much Continue reading “Create a model train layout — for fun and for the challenge!”

Welcome! (… and how’d we ever get to this point?)

This blog was born from shock, horror, tears and laughter, as I and my friends and family started reaching senior citizen status.

Senior citizens enjoying life

We were amazed to find we were becoming invisible! We found some people on the street whose eyes started sliding right over us as if we weren’t there. Who knew you could become a ghost while still alive?

Continue reading “Welcome! (… and how’d we ever get to this point?)”