Rational Suicide vs. Forced Intolerable Life

DeathPills_shutterstock_1209313996Some psychologists/psychiatrists are just beginning to discuss the idea of rational suicide. That a person forced to live an intolerable life — with absolutely no chance of improvement — might rationally wish to end it. Journal articles are being written, and there’s even an academic book – Rational Suicide in the Elderly — Clinical, Ethical, and Sociocultural Aspects published in 2017.

However… this idea is far from being accepted. In fact, just voicing to your physician that you might consider suicide in the future — even if you state you are not considering it now — could be enough to find yourself involuntarily committed to a mental ward. At the very least, you are likely to be referred for psychiatric evaluation. And once you’ve been evaluated, that will become a permanent part of your medical record — which could color how hospitals/physicians see future actions of yours. Continue reading “Rational Suicide vs. Forced Intolerable Life”

Assisted Suicide — What are your rights?

By Vallerina F. Day

euthanasia-word-cloud-concept-illustration-id656773480Say you wake up after an accident in the hospital. You slowly realize that you are completely paralyzed and on a ventilator. All your life you have feared this very circumstance. You still have your wits about you and you are filled with revulsion at the idea of living helpless and captive to machinery. You would much rather die than live in this condition, even though the doctors say you could live for years. Is there help for you?  Continue reading “Assisted Suicide — What are your rights?”